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Woki Toki delivery is working every day from 10:00-21.00 and you can order by calling  



+371 25414466



Price for the delivery depends on the place where the food needs to be delivered as well on the order 


Find your location on the map and on the section you will see, how much the delivery will cost


(don’t forget to enter value of your order, it affects the delivery price)


You can use google map and when you will enter your location, you can see  in which section it belongs





Your meal will be delivered approximately in hour

Of course, it might happen that delivery is delayed due to the traffic jams, weather or other conditions. Operator will try to warn you about such cases while taking your order. 




Order value: Less than 15 EUR | 15 EUR and more | 25 EUR and more
3.00EUR 3.00EUR 5.00EUR 5.00EUR

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